• Elegant, sporty, sophisticated, edgy:  What's your style?

    Faries Top & Trim gives you the freedom to take your vehicle's interior in any direction, and leave boring way behind. Preview the sections below to familiarize yourself with our categories. Also, check out our variety of leather options! We have a huge variety of colors to offer, leather additions to add that special touch, and the option to customize and design the style that best fits you by using our easy-to-use interior selector.



    The look, the feel, the smell of a premium, factory-quality, leather trimmed interior is now an affordable luxury! You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for the entire factory upgrade package, when all you really want is the leather. See the difference for yourself. Just click on our Interior Selector and enter your make and model. Leather or cloth? This one's easy.


    Here’s your chance to make a statement. Our professionally designed, custom options will make your new interior pop! We’ve been perfecting our craft for 25 years, and these choices reflect the combinations we know will transform your car into something unique and special. Use the Interior Selector to give it a test drive! Click on our Interior Selector button above now and give it a test drive!
    Our Limited Editions are the pinnacle of automotive interiors. Experience a unique one-of-a-kind interior, that represents our vision for the ultimate in design style for your vehicle. The first time our customers see the results, their faces tell the same story: "I love my car!" Try a Limited Edition interior on your make and model with our Interior Selector. We can’t wait to see "your" face!


  • HOT? COLD?  your seat always remains comfortable!



    Stay warm during those cold winter months by letting us install seat heaters in your vehicle.
    • Offered in single and dual kit options
    • Provides reliable and even heat distribution
    • All heating elements are hidden behind seat upholstery
    • Compatible with manual and power seats 
    • Tested to OEM standards


    Beat the heat on a hot summer day with climate controlled seating that brings comfort and luxury in your car.
    • Offered in dual kit only
    • Both front seats have independent blowers that distribute aire
    • Three cooling levels
    • Tested to OEM standards
    • Not applicable on all makes and models (call for information on your specific vehicle) 



  • Make every ride a Comfortable Drive!


    • Driver controlled inflation levels
    • Helps prevent driver fatigue and static loading of the passive lumbar spine structure
    • Adjustable rocker style switch
    • Superior to mechanical lumbar supports
    • Universal applications and can be used on leather, cloth, and ventilated seat



    With people spending more time behind the wheel than ever before, comfort should be a priority. LiquiCell's proven technology reduces discomfort and fatigue by using an innovative combination of low viscosity fuild and strategically placed seal point that control the flow of liquid. This will protect against the harmful effects of friction and sheer stress. LiquiCell works great with seat heaters by adding in heat transference across the seat surface. LiquiCell turns your car into a true luxury (COMFORT) vehicle.